For those of you with a piece of furniture at home in need of some TLC, that you would like to re-upholster for yourself, we’re here to help.

Whether it be a family treasure steeped in memories or a piece picked up at the local flea-market, we can help you to

re-imagine it and bring it back to life.

Simply bring or email a photo of the piece and we will discuss with you the skills, materials, fabric and finish required and we will calculate the amount of fabric and timescale you will need to complete it. You will be guided through the process of stripping down and preparing your piece, including support in any repairs to the frame should they be required, as part of this course. Your tutor will then support you in rebuilding and/or recovering your item through to completion. 

The cost of this course will vary depending upon the number of workshop hours required. Basic materials, such as staples, glue etc.. are included in the session cost. Additional upholstery materials required to complete your project such as hessian, foam, webbing etc.. are available to buy at 20% off standard prices. 


Please see the table below as a guide to the hours and skills required to complete various types of furniture (charged at £10 per hour).


2 days (12 hours - £120 + resources)                        Level 1 - Suitable for Beginners


  • Headboard

  • Dining chairs (drop-in) set of 4

  • Small footstool

3 days (18 hours – £180 + resources)                      Level 2 - Suitable for Beginners

  • Large footstool/ottoman

  • Dining chairs (upholstered) set of 4

4 days (24 hours – £240 + resources)                    Level 3 - Some previous experience required

  • Deep buttoned footstool/ottoman

  • Nursing chair

  • Parson Dining Chair (pair)

5 days (30 hours – £300 + resources)                  Level 4 - Previous experience required 

  • Grandfather/grandmother chair

  • Occasional chair

  • Traditionally constructed chair 

6 days (36 hours – £360 + resources)  minimum            Level 4 plus - Significant experience required 

  • Arm chair

  • Wing Back Chair 

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